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Midterms Ahoy

Posted on February 26th, 2003

Well, I got the first few mid-terms back over the past couple of days.

I received Calculus 2 and Digial Circuits, and have yet to pick up Logic&Computation. I thought I’d do a lot better on Calc than I did, but I still beat the class average. I’m still rather disappointed though…

Digital Circuits was a pleasant surprise. Although I didn’t get 100% (as I thought I would after writing the exam), I was sorta close.

Don’t know what to expect for Logic, though… it can go either way.

As for the others:
Electricity & Magnetism: I hope I passed.
Computer Science: Should have been ok.

*sigh* Tomorrow (when I get Logic and E&M) will either be very good or very bad. I pray that it’ll be good…

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