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Posted on April 18th, 2003

I suppose this post’s meaning is two-fold. The subject name can definitely cover the two most prominent topics floating around in my head. The most recent of the two is the fact that it is Good Friday. For the non-Catholics or those who are just simply uninformed about the whole deal, Good Friday is a day where Catholics remember the sacrifice God made in atonement for the sins of humanity. He gave up His only Son, Jesus Christ, so that He would die for our sins. In doing so, He paved the way for us to go into Heaven. The fasting comes in as an outward sign of suffering so that we can identify ourselves with the way Christ suffered for us. Furthermore, it brings about physical anguish to remind us that all we really need is not of this earth. When I told my dad that I was intent on not eating a single thing today, he was somewhat surprised. Technically, it doesn’t matter if I have a small meal or something so I don’t die, but I figured that if I was going to go that far, going all the way isn’t that much harder. But, it’s really tough: today at brunch, the small of food was pervasive, and Jordan eating pizza beside me is pushing the limits of my sanity. I will be strong, though. There’s no giving up now; Christ didn’t give up on us. But I’ll be very happy when midnight rolls around. My poor tummy…

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