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This is it.

Posted on April 19th, 2003

My final post from St. Paul’s until September. I must say that it’s been one heck of a ride these past seven and a half months. During my time here, I have grown and changed so much that it really surprises me. I expected to come out of this first year more or less the same person I was in September. In fact, I was almost positive that I’d be some troublesome, immature alcoholic. Instead, I come out as a completely changed man. I don’t drink. I’m not immature. I’m not a trouble-maker. I have found God. I have found great new friends. I have found Kristin. The summation of all of these things have made me find the most profound happiness that I have ever felt. It seems that everything in my life is going great, and never have I felt more appreciation for all that I have than now. I love my life! My undying thanks to God and to all those who make me the person that I am.

All of this makes me sad to leave St. Paul’s. St. Paul’s is the place where all of this happened. It is the place where I feel more comfortable than home (especially since my dad moved shortly after I arrived here in Waterloo). Leaving will definitely be difficult. There are just so many memories that I cherish from my wonderul experience here. Here, I am close to people that mean so much to me. I don’t look forward to saying goodbye to people; I’ve said goodbye to a number of those who have left already. One was harder than the others, but they were all tough. In some 10 hours, I will be quite sad again. I know that in four short months I will be returning here, but it won’t be quite the same. Well, it might be similar, but it will be very different, too. I’m nervous about all of it.

It is with great happiness and great sadness that I leave. It brings an end to several months of hard, strenuous work, but so, too, does it end a very important chapter in my life. But it also opens the door to what promises to be a very interesting and very exciting summer. I can’t hardly wait! I’m freeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

One Response to “This is it.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    well its good to hear that you finally made it out of there…part of me thought that you might just die there.

    yes it will be sad to go home. things will be so different…like you said…you’ve changed…and don’t be surprised if no one else has. you just have to go with the flow. things will be rough at first, but you will get adjusted to it all. people might not understand “the new you” but you cant expect them to.

    just remember what you’ve learned and fly. you will be back in the w dot before you know it…


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