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Posted on May 31st, 2003

Well I just got back from a day and evening downtown. The countdown was for today, and, as you can see, I’ve been waiting for today for quite some time! (I blame Blurty for the delayed posting; this was written at 8:50pm. I had to manually edit the post date) What was on the plate for today, you ask? None other than a hot, fresh order of Lion King with a side of a nice dinner with Kristin! As this was my first theatre experience, I didn’t know what to expect, so I was really anticipating this event. I’ll do a little preamble before I talk about the play:

I go to bed pretty early cuz I was thinking to myself: “I need a good night’s sleep or else I’ll be dead tomorrow!” So I’m out by like 2am (which is really early for me). Then I wake up far too early for my own good. To what? My dad laughing his head off from across the condo and talking very loudly. Loud enough to wake me up, and keep me up for a good half hour. I fall asleep for a bit, then I wake up again: It’ my dad laughing his head off from across the condo and talking very loudly. Loud enough to wake me up, and keep me up for a good half hour. Again. Not cool.

In a bit of a panic, I get ready and make sure that I have everything… Wallet, check. Cell phone, check. Watch, check. Tickets, check. High hopes, check! I drive down to the subway station, take the God-forsaken public transportation to the theatre, and arrive very early, as expected. I observe the surroundings: overcast skies, buzzing scalpers, clean-shaven “bums”, and the normal hustle and bustle of a large city. As time continued to pass, I started to think up pretty crazy things that could have happened to Kristin that could cause her to be late. Then I started to implore God to not let any of such nonsense to be true. Needless to say, she showed up in good time, and we went into the theatre.

Man, I’m a moron. For over a month, I had the impression that we were at the front orchestra centre (translation: I thought we were really close to the stage.), but upon reading the ticket, we discovered that we were in the dress circle (which is higher up). So what I thought were aisle seats (which would have been cool considering what happened during the play) turned into seats smack in the middle. Boy, did that work out well! You’d think I’d be pissed, but hear me out. Our necks didn’t have to crane at all, and we had a really good view of the entire stage. I’m not going to say much about the play, because to do so could hinder one of your experiences. I’ll just leave it at this: it was unspeakably amazing. Both of us were dumbfounded by the presentation, and I would definitely recommend it. Theatre = win!

We rush off to dinner, which kinda fell through because the bimbos at the restaurant didn’t have things ready on time. So instead of a really nice (really expensive) dinner at The Courthouse, we walked down to a place closer to the train station. I bet, if my bank account could say anything, it’d be jumping for joy. No word of a lie, I was expecting to drop over a hundred bucks on dinner at the Courthouse. Regardless, Movenpick Marche is a great place to eat with really yummy food. It also suited the time constraints to which we were subjected. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to eat a crepe 🙁 Those things looked so good, but my tummy wasn’t the “bottomless pit” it once was.

All in all, it was an absolutely wonderful day. The events were fantastic, and the company, of course, was superb 🙂 Now that I’ve had a taste for theatre, I want to see more!! Kristin recommends Mamma Mia, so I’ll probably try and catch that before the end of summer. Then there’s the Stratford Festival, and we’re thinking of going to a show at the end of August. TOO FAR AWAY!! 🙁 I’m sure there will be others. 🙂 I think I’ll end this post with a collection of thoughts that danced in my mind throughout the day (in no particular order):

Timon and Pumbaa
wet socks
scratchy voice
umbrella wounds
weird restaurant music
wet arm
homeless dog 🙁
greedy celebrities 🙁
Concert for Toronto
wet legs
uncomprehendible servers
crappy public transportation
wet shoes
“bitchy” hostess
*in a high pitched voice* aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIII HEEEEHEEEEEHEEEEEEE


5 Responses to “Waaahoooo!!”

  1. Rohn Says:

    I think your list of random one-word thoughts needs some explanation…just to give you something to do…


  2. Kristin Says:

    I just remembered what the AIIIEEEEHHEHEHHHE is! The woman that played Rafikki (the monkey) in LK was So funny! She kept squealing and wiggling her tushy around the stage. It’s undescribable and you won’t understand unless we do an impression, which we spare you that…or see it youself, Which you definitely should do!

  3. Kristin Says:

    Hi! This is Kristin.
    Whoever you are, I will do the honours (to the best of my abilities and memory…) to explain Justin’s “one-word” comments.

    1. waiting…..we were anticipating the show so much that it seemed like forever before the show would start.
    2. Timone and Pumbaa….as in the movie, the best characters EVER! They were so funny, I almost cried at everything they said. Amazing.
    3. wet socks…it was raining and we did a lot of walking. Nuff said.
    4. scratchy voice….the little boy that played Simba was absolutely adorable, but we both agreed that his singing voice was a bit “scratchy.”
    5. umbrella wounds….Justin was smart enough to bring an umbrella.. I’m about an inch taller than Justin and he kept poking me in the eye with the stupid ends of the umbrella.
    6. Weird restauarant music…man. This restaurant we went to was great, but the music they played was just insane. I think it was Jibberish.
    7. Wet arm…it was raining and we both didn’t fully fit under the umbrella.
    8. Homeless Dog….CRY!!! I am such a small town girl, and when we were eating at the restaurant, we were sitting directly infront of the window and this homeless man walked by pushing his dog in a grocery cart. Me being SUCH a huge animal person (ESPECIALLY DOGS!), was almost in tears because I felt more sorry for the dog than the man. I know it’s horrible, but that’s me! I wanted to take him home and feed him. And give him a bath. Poor thing!
    9. Greedy celebrities…with the homeless man and dog, we talked about how famous people all have about 4 houses and keep their mulit-million dollar sallaries all to themselves (most of the time). That’s just greedy and wrong. What the hell is someone going to do with 24 million dollars?
    11. Wet legs….we weren’t dry.
    12. Waiting….we did a lot of this.
    13. Uncomrehendible servers…LOL This waitress person kept coming up to as at the restaurant and asking us questions and we had NO CLUE what she said. Once she came up to us and said something and we both smiled and nodded, and we were both happy because we THOUGHT we understood what she said…finally…but when we compared our assumptions, they were not even close. Quite funny.
    14. Crappy public transportation…I mentioned that I couldn’t imagine taking a city bus and subway to high school every day like Justin did in Toronto, where you can walk anywhere in my town and be there in 15 minutes. Crazy stuff!
    15. Wet shoes….man he likes emphasizing this!
    16. CC…I have a 1992 Cutlass Cierra Olsmobile, and she is a piece of work, let me say!
    17. Buzzers….I’m not sure what this is??
    18. Bitchy hostess…OH MAN! This hostess/bartender girl at the Court House was really….bitchy! We had reservations for 5:30 and at 6:00, they still weren’t ready, and I had to catch the train back home at 7:10, so we needed to be on our way and eat somewhere else. We went up to this girl to tell her to cancel our reservations, and she gave us this really fake smile…I just didn’t like the way she talked. I know, I’m rude. Justin called her a skank.
    19. AIIIHHHHHEEEEEEE…..again, not sure but I’m interested to know????
    20. cocoon…LOL LOL LOL when we were walking from place to place, I was trying to make Justin use his umbrella for himself because I have my coat over my head (I HATE having wet hair) and Justin was laughing at me because I had to jerk my head all the way around (without moving my neck) to talk to him so that the coat didn’t fall off my head. I said it felt like I was in a cocoon.
    21. Eavesdropping….haha these people at the first restaurant were waiting at the next table, and we were listening to their conversation. There were two couples, and I think the one man and one woman were meeting for the first time because the man was telling this poor lady his entire life story, starting with his kindergarden painting or something along those lines….we found it funny.
    22. WOW…the Lion king was just…WOW! AMAZING. Note to anyone who wants to see it…It is officially ending September 28, 2003, so get your tix now before it’s gone. You HAVE to see it!

  4. Justin Says:

    Hey you 🙂

    One thing you certainly are is thorough! That must have taken a while to type up!! Anyhow, here are my amendments/corrections/additions:

    1. All of the waiting referred to the time at Courthouse… ugh that was just terrible. But since you had to catch the early train back, I think this worked out for the better… as much as I hated it 🙁
    2. While you really like Timon, I enjoyed watching pumbaa a little more. His movements and actions were really cool hehe (like him catching food!)
    3. 🙁
    5. I’M SO SORRY!! I really do wish that you held on to it for yourself, though. That way nobody would get hurt 😛
    6. Live Lion King music by professionals vs. low-quality junk restaurant music… hmm let’s think about this one…
    7. It should have been wet.. side.. really lol. Stupid rain!!
    8. It was such a nice looking dog, too! 🙁 I wanna puppy ;( The poor thing deserves better.
    10. TWO WEEKS TO GO!! I got the tickets yesterday 😀 😀
    12. Stupid Courthouse. Good for nothing.
    13. There were actually a few servers that kinda lacked proficiency in the English language… that and they were all goofy looking with their berets lol. Speaking of servers, how bout that punk at the drinks stall? :/
    14. I. Hate. Public. Transportation. Period.
    15. If there’s one thing I really hate, it’s wet shoes + wet sox =[
    17. That little kid behind us! I really meant to type Buzzards but I’m clearly a moron ;(
    18. 150% ho.
    19. Yep you got it! LOL that was great 🙂
    20. BAD STUBBORN!! lol
    21. They knew too much about alcohol, too. Either that or he was trying to pimp up his connosseur styles
    22. I’m a big fan of live theatre now… poor wallet is gonna suffer this summer lol. I’d definitely recommend LK as something to do. Yeah it’ll cost a bit, but it was well worth it!! (btw Kristin, don’t think you saw the last of that hundred bucks!! 😀

  5. Justin Says:

    +1 for Kristin! 😀

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