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Poor Blue Jays

Posted on June 28th, 2003

This past week has been spent with some supposed friends of the family. Apparently, one of the visitors knew my grandmother really well back in Hong Kong since they were both wee little ones. Anyways, she decides to come over with two granddaughters and visit for a week. At last, there was reason for my dad to clean up the pig sty of a condo! But, leave it to him to do a half-assed job. Sigh.

So my grandma’s friend did not speak a word of English, and I could only pluck the faintest bits of what she was saying. I had to ask my dad or the granddaughters for translations very often. Even still, communication was very broken and messy. It was horrendous. At least the two granddaughters spoke English fairly well, though I worked most of the time anyone was around. Let me just say, it’s quite interesting to see two people hard of hearing, both suffering from various stages of senility, talking in a foreign language.

Today I got a random call from Paul to go see a Jays game. What better day to see the Jays and the Expos?! Unfortunately, we got a bit out-played and lost 4-2. 🙁 I really hope they can get everything together and continue their winning ways again.

Right now, I’m pushing about 40 hours without sleep… I spent last night reading and messing around on the computer and, when my alarm rang at 6am to get me up for work, it occurred how late (or early, depending on your perspective) it actually way. I nearly fell asleep at work a couple of times, and at the game a couple of times. But I’m surprisingly awake now. I should figure out how to make myself tired. Although I may not feel it, I know my body is in desperate need for sleep. Perhaps I will finish the book that I’m reading: Mere Christianity. It’s not the most enjoyable of reads, but it really makes me think. And thinking makes me tired. And tiredness makes me sleep. Sleep good.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things that I was meaning to say on here, but I think it’s understandable that they are escaping me at the moment. Overall, things have been going pretty well and I’m still toughing out a challenging summer. I truly hope that things are going well with all of you. I always try and remember all of you in my prayers; I hope that you keep me in yours. God bless.

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