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All things anew

Posted on December 25th, 2003

Hello hello!

So another school term comes to a close, and I’m back at home with the lovely smell of a roast in the oven… mm boy… I got a couple of marks back, and I’m pleasantly surprised with one, while rather disappointed in another. It was my fault, really; I have been rather lazy this term.. I’ll do better next time ;p (or so I’ve told myself for so many years now..)

So Christmas is upon us, and, like it has been for some six or seven years, it’s green outside. There is, however, a “chance of flurries”, though I think it’s only a fool’s hope for that tonight. There hasn’t been enough white Christmases around these parts 🙁 While it’s not white right now, though, I really really really hope that it becomes whiter for the weekend: I’m heading up to Collingwood to test out my new snowboard!!!!!! I got it during the last week of exams thanks to my awesome roommate, and I’ve been dying to hit the slopes (literally) ever since! I hope the weather co-operates!!

In any case, I just wanted to bid everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Joyous Kwanza and Happy New Year! Take care of yourselves!

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