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All Good Things…

Posted on December 30th, 2003

… must come to an end. And so 2003’s end approaches, less than 48 hours away.

After a weekend of snowboarding (which will explain the soreness) and hanging out with some of the residence guys, I feel that I am due for a reflection on the months past. So here it is:

The year of 2003, like most others, rode much like a roller coaster: there were highs and lows, bumps and bruises, plenty of fear, yet an abundance of excitement. This year, however, I feel that I reached new highs. I have learned a lot this year; about the guitar, about the people around me, about the topics covered in school, about God, about me. This year, I have also felt the most satisfying happiness that I have ever felt before.

It began in a ditch; I came off of my first school term into a very tough second term. I had a new roommate, a new Don, and plenty of strangers around me. Gradually, each of these improved, and things were going pretty well. My faith derailed for a bit (as it usually does), but restored quickly as friendships flourished. The spring was unforgettable, the summer was challenging, and the fall was invigorating.

There were a lot of memorable experiences this past year, perhaps moreso than any other year. From some of these experiences, I have learned a great deal and I can only hope that I have changed for the better in response to these realizations. Yet not all was happy-go-lucky this year, either. I have to face the reality that I had to bid goodbye to many dear friends for an unknown amount of time. I have to cope with the many terrible mistakes I made which really hurt me. I have to accept what comes at me in life, and pull through.

I can’t say that I was wholly good this year; I said plenty of things that I shouldn’t have said, held my tongue when I should have spoken out, done things I shouldn’t have done, and remained passive when I should have done something. But we’re all guilty of this, and I can’t blame myself forever if I did do it. So, too, is it true that people struggle with their faith, hurt others, and fail.

Despite all of the downs that I have had, however, I still remain confident that 2003 had many more ups. 2003 was a very good year for so many reasons, and I will try my best to cling to that. I took a lot of steps forward this past year, and I pray that I can keep the momentum up for 2004 and the years to come. I also pray that the times ahead shine brightly on all of you, my dear friends; you deserve the best.

I think that I would like to share a few resolutions that I have made for this coming year, or those that I need to continue from before. It will be very difficult for me to keep them all, but a goal is being made:

1. Stop complaining about stupid things – I know that I whine a lot, and I know that it’s annoying. I’d be annoyed if I had to listen to myself all of the time. So, my complaints jar is already up and running.

2. Go to Church every week – I was good for the first bit of this term, but began to slack on this. Be it chapel, Embassy, or St. Jerome’s, I have to be to at least one of them once a week. I need my organized time with God.

3. Pray – Not that I don’t already, but I don’t think that I do enough. Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and if I want one with God, I need to do some talking.

4. Stay vigiliant in my faith – By this, I really mean to try harder to avoid sin. I have knowingly sinned many times this year, and I cannot allow this to continue. I am not proud of sinning, and I want to be rid of it.

5. Use sarcasm appropriately – Just like my whining and complaining, I know that I am also ridiculously sarcastic. While usually used in jest, I know that it has the ability to hurt others. I need to hold my tongue with this.

6. Be nice – Somewhat related to Resolution 5, I need to be more sensitive to other people. I must be mindful about being a good person to my friends and family, and even to strangers.

7. Work out every day – Probably one of the hardest resolutions for me, since I’m not particularly motivated to much of anything besides sleep! But if I want to live a healthy life, I have to work towards it.


8. Continue to avoid swearing – The swear jar is getting expensive, but it’s good incentive for me to watch my language. I’m getting better!!

9. Continue to expect the most out of myself – Aim high. Sure, I’m setting myself up to be disappointed, but I’d rather try and fail to be exceptional than just pass at being mediocre.

10. Continue to be thankful – It’s so easy to take things for granted, and it’s so easy to let the luxuries that we all have slip our minds. I am very lucky to be where I am right now, to have the things I do, and to know the people that I do. Thank you, God, for everything! πŸ™‚

And that just about does it. If I nail these 10, I’ll be the perfect guy or something, wouldn’t I? πŸ˜› Sure, sure, Justin.. keep dreaming. But as I like to say, go big or go home! Why else would I try to shoot the moon in Hearts?

Again, my best wishes in this coming year to all of you! God bless us all!

6 Responses to “All Good Things…”

  1. Justin Says:

    If you could be so kind as to leave a name next time, that’d be fantastic πŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous Says:

    All of these are great resolutions. I wish you all the best on these!

  3. Silent Echo Says:

    Hullo! *waves*

    Just randomly clicking through some of the other blurtys here and just thought I’d say hello.
    Those are some wonderful resolutions you’ve made for yourself there, best of luck with that.
    If we were all as adamant about it as you seem, well, I think there might not be so many sad stories in the world mayhaps?

  4. Justin Says:

    Hey Kelly,

    It’s nice to see a new face around here!

    Thanks for your well wishes on my resolutions; I think that, with so many, I’ll need all of the help that I can get! I certainly do hope that I can somehow find a way to be a role model for others around me, spreading the good stories that we should all have in our lives. At the very least, you seemed to have liked what I wrote.

    I took a peek at your blurty and I can’t help but agree with some of what you said in your New Year’s post. I have to say, however, that your grave comment was rather sad πŸ™

  5. Silent Echo Says:

    I guess I can be a bit morbid sometimes. *shrugs*
    One of my many odd and disturbing quirks, or so I’m told. πŸ˜›

    When I first noticed that you’d said my name I was a bit freaked out.
    I thought, ‘How’d he find my name, is he magick or something..?’ ;P

    Then I remembered.
    Duh. lol.

  6. Emily Says:

    I like your list very much. I know you wrote this many years ago, but hopefully the goals remain the same. In some of the cases, I can definitely see that you’ve made great progress – e.g. the swearing, the working out every day, for example… πŸ™‚


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