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No title

Posted on February 14th, 2004

February 14th: the magical day where couples put aside their arguments and tussles to spend a nice, amorous day together. Or maybe it’s the day where they just pretend everything is okay to celebrate another retail holiday. Or, possibly, a new spark is created. For me, at least for now, it’s just another day. Even if I did have a girlfriend, I often wonder if I would ever feel the need to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day; I certainly hope that I won’t need to designate one day each year to show her how much she meant to me. If I did… well… then there really wouldn’t be much of a relationship.

So while I’m sitting here, listening to some new Coldplay that I bought, I notice little lovebirds flying around making their merry ways to wherever they are going. Some of these relationships are quite new; there was the St. Paul’s formal last weekend, and it seems a rather insane number of people at the College found it sufficiently romantic to hook up with another resident. Some people (not I) have been so bold to call it disgusting, but I only find maybe one or so of them disgusting.

I can’t help but feel that some of them are forced relationships; one (or both) members are convincing themselves that it was meant to be, even though I feel it’s far too premature. I, however, am not one to criticize them; I will think my own thoughts and keep them nice and anonymous.

Maybe I’m too cold for my own good. Perhaps I’m even a little bitter or jealous. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t see some potential relationships I might have had here. More often than not, however, there has always been something that stood out that really quashed the possibility, as I am extremely picky (or, at least I’d like to think I am).

For now, I guess, I’ll just lay low and watch things unfold before me. If something (or someone) were to float my way, I’d have to test the waters pretty well before I jump into anything. After all, it’d be a waste of everyone’s time if I didn’t feel something strong about it. I’ll leave it up to God to point me in the right direction.

3 Responses to “No title”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hooray for the singles club. Seriously though, God has a girl lined up for you Justin. And He has one ready for me somewhere. I guess that we’ll have to wait to meet that person (or at least wait until we find out that it’s meant to be).

  2. Justin Says:

    I’m going to place an educated guess that you are Rodney.

    While I know that, ultimately, God will show me the right way, I guess I got a tad bit impatient with everything that has been happening recently. *shrug*

  3. Emily Says:

    You mean a lot to me.

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