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A truly excellent day

Posted on March 6th, 2004

I must say, today has been particularly memorable: it seemed as though everything went right. Maybe the stars aligned or something cosmic was happening. Or, maybe, God answered my desperate prayers.

It started with a delightful, wet walk to work. (Don’t you love sideways rain? No matter what you do, you get soaked!) I was already planning on leaving early so that I could prepare for Black Forest, so I knew that it was going to be an even shorter day than the normal Friday.

At work, I had the informal midterm review, where my bosses evaluate my performance and discuss my progress over the term. I was fearing for the worst, but none of that came!! My bosses had nothing bad to say, except that I ask for work too much! (And, between you and me, that’s not all that bad.) Granted, I don’t think that I’m a perfect employee, as there is always room for improvement, but it’s always reassurring to know that I’m doing some good work there.

That was towards the end of my work day, so I made my way home shortly after it. By now, the weather was just absolutely gorgeous: the sun was out, and it was around 16 degrees. I melted in my jacket, and loved it. It was not long before Jenna, my partner for Black Forest, came by to do some practicing. Things sounded great, but I still couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Now, let me digress for a few moments now. I am not the type of person who likes to go up and perform. I am especially not the type of person who likes to go up and perform on the piano. There was, however, some mysterious force at work, and I felt compelled to play piano at this coffee house. That decision paid immediate dividends: I started to get some confidence back in my ability to play, and I managed to spend some very enjoyable times with Jenna. If the actual performance wasn’t worth it, the time spent in the numerous practices certainly were!!

Alright, so back to this day of mine. It was some two hours before the show started, and I started to get really panicky. I think I wore a rather scared look on my face for a while. But the show had to go on, so I got ready and went up to Jenna’s room. To my surprise, we matched (Justin and Jenna 1, Bad Style 0), and thought it’d be good to claim our seats. Then the real nervousness set in; my heart was racing. Jenna suggested that I breathe to calm myself, but I jokingly hyperventilated. That was, however, what I really wanted to do.

By the time it came to our turn to perform, my nervousness had reached a point where I transcended the moment… I had very little idea about what was going on around me, but I did know that my foot was shaking like crazy when it was on the pedal. My fingers were pretty erratic, too. Scary stuff. All said, though, I came away without any mistakes, and Jenna’s voice sounded fantastic.

The encore presentation, so to speak, took place an hour later, when the two of us and a couple of other residents hit the stage. This time, I was on guitar, and, this time, I wasn’t quite so flawless. Thankfully, there were not any large mistakes on my part, and I don’t think anybody really noticed. As disappointed as I was with myself, everyone else seemed to think it was a good show. Ahhh they’ll never know (unless they’re reading this right now… hmm).

The rest of the show was very nice, and I have every intention to go again tomorrow. Heck, I have to go… I’m performing again! Anyhow, it is far later than I should be up, and I have an email to write, so I should be heading off. This has been long enough, too. So, I hope that you, my good readers, are doing well, and I hope to be writing again soon! God bless!

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