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Posted on August 11th, 2004

It has been a good month and a half since my last post, and I believe that a couple of the people that I really wanted to read that post has done so. Even if it is only one of them, the situation is in much better shape now so, perhaps, what was written is not quite as urgent. As for the others, the opportunity is still around since I’m still making explicit mention of that post.

I think that I should do this journal some justice and write about the past while. My last few posts have had a very narrow scope in terms of what they discussed (namely, my journey in faith) and I think that it’s a good idea to bring other areas of my life up to speed. A lot has happened over the past three or four months, and it’s really almost overwhelming for me. More importantly, however, I think that a lot of good has been happening, and that makes me really happy and excited.

I’ll begin with my involvement with The Embassy, just to round out the developments in terms of my faith. I assumed co-leadership of the Communications team for the summer, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I had a similar role in the next year or so. That, however, has not been too time consuming, so I managed to get sucked into the Drama team, as well. That takes up a fairly decent amount of time on the weeks when a skit is planned. But next term is where I expect to really get into the deep end, so to speak: I have agreed to be the Treasurer, although I’m not sure what sort of responsibilities I will have just yet… I am hoping that the current Treasurer will inform me of this before September! I have also been asked to join the Embassy Staff team and, after taking some time to pray about it, I felt that was a big step in the right direction. I am very excited with the prospect of shaping the direction of my church, and I think that I need this sort of thing to keep me very committed to God.

In terms of school, I mentioned before that I have considered switching out of Software Engineering. Well, after talking to an academic advisor for a bit and seeing what would lie ahead if I did switch, I completed my transfer form and, barring some sort of cataclysmic failure, I should be in the Math-Business Administration program for next term!!! So that would hopefully provide me with more satisfaction and would give me the motivation to continue pressing onward. This term has been particularly difficult to keep my motivation up since none of the credits that I am currently taking will transfer over. That said, I stopped going to three of my classes at midterm, and I have been particularly tardy when starting my assignments. (I actually threw an assignment for the first time and, as much as I hate to say it, it felt kinda good!!) But it’s not like my marks have suffered, though! Despite my apparent lack of effort, I’m still doing quite well for myself; ask anyone (although Shanna or Patrudel would have the best idea) and they’ll say how little I’ve been studying for my exams. Of the four that I’ve written, I think that I have completely destroyed three of them! So maybe the moral of the story is to not attend lecture, catch up in one or two days, and clean up on the exam! (Maybe not.)

As for my residence life, I have to admit that it took a very bizarre turn: less than six months ago, I couldn’t wait to get out of here and find somewhere else to live. I found so many reasons to be anywhere but St. Paul’s and I was set to be long gone. But some exciting opportunities came up, and after three months of this term, I found many more reasons to stay put. In fact, I’ve grown increasingly interested in getting really involved with this residence. I have applied to be the Residence Life Program Co-ordinator (who is responsible for organizing a bunch of residence activities), which I think would be a lot of fun. If that didn’t work out, I think that I would stick around as a Don. So, one way or another, I think that I am going to be at St. Paul’s for at least another year heh.. We’ll see where the road takes me after that.

What really made this term arguably the best time of my life, though, is the fact that I have reconciled things with people who I thought I could have lost. It took a lot of courage and strength to surmount my introvertedness and to have a form of confrontation (although I think that word is a bit too strong for what actually happened), but I think that it really paid off. I was completely honest with everything, and I think that everyone feels better about it. I have my hopes up for next term because that definitely has the possibility of being a better term than this one!

Anyhow, I should probably start my readings for my last exam (on Saturday night… grrr!!!) and finish off this term with a bang. For those of you who have tried to keep me in your prayers, thank you so very much!! I have no doubts about the power of God to change my life, and your petitions certainly helped. I really appreciate it, and I try to keep my friends in my prayers as well. God bless all of you! See you soon, I hope! πŸ™‚

9 Responses to “Rebirth”

  1. Sarah Says:


    oh man its so good to hear that you’re doing so good. i was filled with this amazing feeling of joy as i read your post. it sounds like you’ve become a lot more of a positive person and that is dang exciting! i’m so glad that you’re going to be around this year. and wow you changed programs! i can forsee that you will be much happier. thats awesome.

    i’m really looking forward to getting back to school. i’ve never felt this excited about anything before. i dont even think that i was like this for france! (well i think i may have been quite a bit nervous of the unknown and being alone to let my joy overflow.) but this time there is no holding back! as you probably already know i’m going to be living with kat, katie and laura. so i’m sure that we’ll be seeing lots of each other either at our place or back at st.pauls. i’m sure that there will be tons of new faces that i will have to meet. and i will count on you to be one of the hooker-upers. lol.

    see you soon. we move in the 1st!!!!!


  2. Justin Says:


    Long time no see nor hear! I don’t think you’ve posted here in a bajillion years, so I wondered if you even read this anymore ;( It’s great to hear from you, though!!

    I have to admit that I am a much happier person; I’ve found a lot of reasons to really enjoy my life, and I’ve been clinging to those instead of burdening myself with the reasons to be miserable (as I have done so well in the past)! This next term should be a really good one!

    Glad to know when you’re coming back to Waterloo! I should be in town by then, so we should definitely hang out. Maybe you can shoot me an email or something and let me know which townhouse is yours. And when you girls do find your way back to SPUC, I’ll be happy to try and hook you up with frosh lol πŸ™‚


  3. Sarah Says:

    what are you talking about? i post here all the time! am i not on your friend list???

    yeah i bet we’ll be swinging by st. pauls pretty soon. esp if we’re moving in on the 1st but school doesn’t start for another two weeks! oooooh i can’t wait!!!!


  4. Justin Says:

    I meant here as in this journal in particular πŸ˜›

    Of course you’re still on my friends list… you’re the only one that still posts, too *cough* Hannah *cough*

    All of the SPUCers got sucked into LJ… those bums.. it’s just you and me toughin this one out haha


  5. Sarah Says:

    i don’t care what other people do. blurty is way better. they can’t deny it and soon they will all realise.

    besides sometimes its better to just write what you’re really thinking and feeling instead of hiding certian things cause you know that the people that you live with are going to read it…

  6. Rodney Says:

    Justin! You’re alive! Like Sarah said, it’s good to hear that you’re doin’ fine. It’s good to know that God answers our prayers πŸ™‚

    If you get the job of RLPC, you have my unconditional support for help with chapel. I learnt my lesson last term about overburdening myself with work, so next term my involvement will be with less things (i.e. no WCF executive, no SPUC Street Boys), but hopefully less spread out.

    Anyways, I guess that I’ll see you during Don Week. Ciao!


  7. Justin Says:

    Hey Hot Rod!!

    Of course I am alive; the difference is that I’m very very happy to be alive, too lol! Thank you again for all of your prayers.. they mean a lot.

    I’m hoping that, even if I do not become RLPC, that I’ll have your support with Chapel. I have a feeling that we will still be quite involved, even though we may not be the ones directly planning it πŸ˜‰ Now about overburdening, I don’t think that I learned that lesson from you yet haha… it’ll be an interesting term. One thing that would be nice, however, is to put something together for Black Forest.. something good.. (I don’t know what, but I’d like to entertain that prospect sometime in the near future)

    I presume that you’ll be here on the 31st, so I will definitely see you then (I’m moving in a bit earlier)!!! Take care, and enjoy the last couple of weeks at work (or try to enjoy them)!


  8. Justin Says:

    Maybe true, but I don’t feel inhibited here.. I babble on and on knowing full well that anyone in the college (or in the world, for that matter) can be reading it πŸ˜› So I guess anything that’s public here is really, really public. The nice thing is that I don’t have 239874239472398423984723948723984723987 people making comments on every one of my posts, so I currently do not get a lot of spam!! πŸ™‚

  9. Rodney Says:

    Ooh, something for Black Forest sounds very intriguing. I’m in πŸ™‚

    See you on the 31st!


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