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Team Apple!

Posted on August 21st, 2004

Well I finally received my iPod, and is it ever sweet!! I got half of a nice rebate thanks to John (since he bought an iBook), so even the price was sweet! Anyway, it’s a 40gigger, and I’ve managed to load a good deal of my music onto it. One thing that I have discovered, though, is that iTunes is brutal!! I thought that it would be elegant and function (like most other Apple products) but no. Oh well… c’est la vie.

Yeah so I picked it up from John on my way over to Kristin’s for her birthday thing. So HBD to her! I should have gotten beats for the card that I gave her, but I lucked out, I guess 😉 Many thanks to Crystal for driving me, and to Feng and co. for a place to stay!

And it seems that a bunch of people are off to camp, which drives me to more boredom than I’d like; Shanna left today (and I didn’t get a chance to say bye.. boohoo!), Kat’s still there, Katie’s still there, Jenna’s still there, Laura’s still there, and Phil’s still there.. ugh. And I’m here. D’oh! Maybe I should clean my ro.. nevermind.

2 Responses to “Team Apple!”

  1. Tony Says:

    What was it about iTunes, exactly, that you found brutal?

  2. Justin Says:

    Hey Tony.. glad to see you found this site!

    My problem with iTunes is it clunkiness when it comes down to playlists. As I was an avid user of Winamp, I felt inclined to keep my music in playlists, as opposed to having iTunes organize it on its own. Important the hundreds upon hundreds of playlists was very painful.. I’m still not done!

    But I think I’m starting to lighten up towards iTunes.. I really like the browser tool, and it’s Party Shuffle is pretty good (although it has the tendancy to cross genres in a very noticeable way from time to time!)

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