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Oh Crazy Days!!

Posted on February 15th, 2005

The past few weeks have been pretty intense (as you could probably tell from a lack of recent entries)… but it’s slowly coming to an end! I’ll see what I can recall from the past two weeks or so:

SuperBowl Party: Remind me to never try and organize a large event with so much paperwork at the last minute ever ever again! Ever!! For a few days, I was a heart attack waiting to happen as I was rushing every which way trying to get through the bureaucracy and everything else! I’m glad to say, though, that it was all worth it in the end; the party was a great success (and thanks to Megan, Sarah, Hannah, Hebron, Marcel, Andrew, Amy, Cynthia, Judy, Steve, Ben, Dan, Julia, and a ton of other people for helping)!! A huge thumbs up to God for providing me with a set of wheels the day before the party so that I could run out and get the last of the supplies with the one-woman Kool-aid machine!

School: As many of you are aware, I elected to take it fairly easy this term. I elected to take a bunch of easier classes, hoping that I could get away with doing little to no work. This strategy worked for the first five weeks or so, until midterm season hit. Then I realized that I was very behind in a buttload of reading (grr… arts courses!!) with little time to spare. So, in a frenzy, I started to read and prepare for my exams as quickly as I could and, so far, it’s been working out alright (haha… arts courses!!). In all likelihood, I’ll be spending a part of Reading Week (that’s right my Math and Engineering friends… read it and weep!) doing some work. Serves me right, or something.

Also, I hate group projects. Especially those with randomly assigned groups, and when those randomly assigned members are atrocious at English. The Internet kids of our day and age are a sad sight to see. Wish me luck, and pray for patience πŸ™

I’ve also managed to get myself involved with the Students First campaign for the Feds election. As a student that was very much affected by the Feds administration, I think it’s really important to take an active role in picking the next executive. I really encourage you to take the time to read up on all of the candidates’ platforms and choose wisely. Click here for more information and for casting your vote. Elections end Thursday.

Black Forest: Had our first semi-practice so far, and it was great! We managed to get through a number of songs and I’m excited to get the whole group together! We have a confirmed bassist and drummer now, so it’s just a matter of getting the arrangement down pat and making it sound good πŸ˜€ Black Forest happens March 4 and 5 at St. Paul’s.

Embassy-related Events: I’m still trapped in this fairly deep rabbit hole, but it’s still ok, too. The ESA stuff has died down a little bit recently, although I expect it to flare up again after Reading Week… The Staff Team (well… 4 of us, anyways) managed to get out as a group for the first time last week! We met in my room for a bit, then hit up William’s for a couple of hours. Wouldn’t it be nice if this became more of a routine? πŸ˜€ I’m happy with the way the Forums have been going (Thursdays at 7pm, St. Paul’s Chapel), and it’s been a really rewarding experience for me. Being able to work with a group of amazing people has been so worthwhile, and I’m glad that I chose to get involved! Hopefully the website ball will start to roll a little quicker when I get some assignments/projects pushed out of the way!

Valentine’s Day: I wore black. Take that, Cupid.

Other than some absolutely dismal weather lately, I think that’s about it.

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