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Stealing is Wrong!

Posted on March 23rd, 2005

Series One – The Basics
Name: Justin Chan.
Birthdate: DD/MM/YYYY.
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario.
Current Location: Waterloo, Ontario.
Eye Color: Brown.
Hair Color: Blue.
Righty or Lefty: Lefty.
Innie or Outtie: Innie.

Series Two – Describe
Your heritage: Chinese.
The shoes you wore today: Caterpillar oxfords.
Your hair: Up.
Your eyes: Open, with occasional blinks.
Your fears: Disappointing people, hurting people, myself.
Your perfect pizza: Thin crust, pepperoni, bacon, italian sausage, hot sausage, and lots of cheese. (Honourable Mention: Domino’s barbeque chicken pizza.)
One thing you’d like to achieve: Join a band.

Series Three – What Is
Your most overused phrase in MSN: “lol”, “I don’t know”, “Yes and no”, “Well…”
Your thoughts first waking up: Am I still tired?
The first feature you notice in the opposite (or same) sex: Their clothes.
Your usual bedtime: Normally, sometime around 2am. Lately, sometime around 4am.
Your greatest accomplishment: Letting God have his way with me during my first year of university.
Your best memory: Spending time with cherished friends; nothing tops this.

Series Five – Do You
Smoke: Never.
Cuss: Only in my head, or only when I’ve really lost it.
Sing well: No.
Take a shower everyday: If possible.
Want to get married: Yes.
Type with your fingers on the right keys: Usually.
Believe in yourself: Not really.
Get motion sickness: Sometimes. I’m perfectly fine at Canada’s Wonderland, but I can’t handle the Paris Fair. Go figure.
Get along with your parents: Reasonably.
Like thunderstorms: Yes.
Play an instrument: Piano sorta, guitar sorta.

Series Six – In The Past Month, Did/Have You
Drank alcohol: Yes.
Done a drug: Alcohol, caffeine.
Go on a date: No.
Go to the mall: Yes.
Been on stage: Yes.
Been dumped: No.
Gone skating: No.
Made homemade cookies: No.
Gone skinny dipping: Very much no.
Dyed your hair: Yes.
Stolen anything: This!

Series Seven – The Future (BACK TO)
Age you hope to be married: Whenever I’m ready.
Numbers and Names of Children: Woah… first things first.
Describe your Dream Wedding: Filled with important delegates from countries around the world. What the heck. See answer to above question.
What age do you want to die: Whenever I’m ready.
What do you want to be when you grow up: Older.
What country would you most like to visit: Australia. (Honourable Mentions: Germany, Switzerland, Cayman Islands.)

Series Eight – The Present
Current Clothes: Socks, boxers, Bluenotes pants (fixed! Thanks, Jasmine!), OLP shirt, random oversized sweater.
Current Mood: Grateful.
Current Taste: My mouth.
Current Hair: Fading.
Current Smell: Glade Plug-in: Mountain Berry.
Current thing you ought to be doing: Attending my lab.
Current Desktop Picture: “Watching the Cross.”
Current Worry: Everything conceivable.

*5 Things You Are Wearing*
1. Socks
2. Boxers
3. Bluenotes pants
4. OLP shirt
5. Random oversized sweater

*5 Things You Can See*
1. Lawren Harris artwork
2. Glorious mountain of club soda cans
3. iPod
4. Guitar
5. Pair of pants in need of repair

*5 Things You Are Doing Right Now*
1. Typing
2. Blinking
3. Breathing
4. Contemplating
5. Humming

*5 Things You Ate In The Last 24 Hours*
1. Roast beef
2. Assorted vegetables
3. Hot dog
4. Mandarin orange
5. Nutri-Grain bar

*5 Things You Did So Far Today*
1. Went to class, but skipped the lab
2. Talked to Jasmine
3. Played guitar
4. Slept in
5. Met with Organizational Behaviour group

*5 Things You Can Hear Right Now*
1. My computer
2. My keyboard
3. People in the hallway trying to find an excuse to drink
4. My humming
5. My speakers hissing

*5 Colors You Can See*
1. Black
2. Silver
3. Maroon
4. Green
5. Turquoise

*5 Thoughts In Your Head*
1. Missing class is awesome
2. This is really long
3. My phone is ringing
4. I wish I was somewhere else
5. I need more time

*5 People That Rock*
(Aside: this is so unfair… but here’s my list thanks to short-term memory)
1. Jesus
2. Bono
3. Jasmine
4. Kat
5. John

5 Responses to “Stealing is Wrong!”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    I’m going to steal this and use it on my blog… but later. Right now I have a phone date! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kristin Says:

    HAHAHA I bet you thought I didn’t read this anymore! Surprise…
    I came across this little comment:

    “Get motion sickness: Sometimes. I’m perfectly fine at Canada’s Wonderland, but I can’t handle the Paris Fair. Go figure.”

    I just wanted to let you know that as a Paris-ite, I am laughing pretty hard. HEHEHE

  3. Justin Says:

    Actually, I’m not surprised… but it’s nice to see you posting here again!

    Anyhow, I would just like to point out that you were this close to calling yourself a parasite.. I’m the only laughing now ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you’ve been well.. we should hang out sometime.


  4. Kristin Says:

    Well I actually did the Parisite thing on purpose, unfortunately that’s what we are called. So now the joke really isn’t on me, still on you! HEHE
    Yes we should hang out sometime, and soon!!! I miss ya, Justykins!
    HAHA Now everyone knows that’s your name

  5. Jasmine Says:

    Justykins eh? now that’s cute!

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