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Posted on March 26th, 2005

Well I meant to make a post about the whole notion of Good Friday being “good”, but I completely forgot once I got into it. Oops.

I ended up breaking the fast at around 11pm or so. Considering the spontaneity with which it started, I think it lasted pretty well. I should have been stupendously hungry but, much to my dismay, I couldn’t even finish a two-piece fish and chips dinner. I really should have ordered the one-piece dinner. D’oh.

Jasmine and I hung out for a bit at Molly’s, where Hung Fatt and the Chicken Balls were playing. (What a name!) They were excessively loud so, after an unsuccessful visit to Kat’s place, we ended up retreating back to St. Paul’s for some tea. I was overly awake and, well, I suppose that explains why I’m still up now. But it was good; Jazz and I had a good talk. It is always nice to be able to hang out, and I’m not looking forward to that fateful day in April when she disappears from the K-W area for a while.

I’m heading home tomorrow, so no guarantees that I’ll have a post for you lovely readers. Have a fantastic Easter weekend! 🙂

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