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Posted on April 29th, 2005

Oh my. I was at Needless Hell (Needles Hall, for the non-UW readers) today, handing in my Health Insurance Exemption form. I walk into the Student Accounts office and the first thing that one of the ladies says is, “That’s cute!”

Referring to my semi-blue hair with 2cm black roots, they all then proceed to question me about the hair from why I did it blue, to how long it’s been blue, and so on. While doing this, the three of them kept nodding to each other, agreeing that it is very “cute.” I don’t know how many times they used that God-awful word, but it was at least ten.

Now, here’s something you might not have known about me: I absolutely hate being called “cute.” Whether in jest or seriously, it makes me want to clench my fists and beat something (or someone) over the head. Needless to say, I had to exert a great deal of restraint while in that office.

Cars can be cute. Houses can be cute. Apparel can be cute. Puppies are cute. Babies are cute. Bunnies are cute. I cannot be cute. I am not cute.

3 Responses to “NOT CUTE”

  1. Rodney Says:

    I find your dislike of the word “cute” kind of weird. Would you still have the same feelings if it was a girl calling you that because she thought you looked nice? I wouldn’t mind a girl calling me that. πŸ™‚

    Oh, very nice shots of the Club Soda prank and of your room. Your place looks pretty nice!

  2. Jasmine Says:

    Hahaha, your post made me laugh out loud. I can just imagine you tensing up ready to hit someone. Boy, you need to get over your hatred of “cute.” It’s a good word and sometimes, just sometimes, it is an appropriate adjective for even you. πŸ˜‰

  3. Justin Says:

    Heya kids!

    I would, and do, have the same feelings if a girl were to call me cute. As you know, I tend to make a lot of expressions with my face, and that would merit one of them. At the very least, I would roll my eyes or something. Ugh.

    As for the club soda prank, I really wished that I had a few more cans… it would have been very impressive if I could have gotten the pile up to the very top of the door. Who was I kidding when I said that I could block GB’s doorway? Oh well. I’m afraid that my massive club soda drinking days are going to be history now… with other necessities to buy, lugging home cases of club soda will be a very rare occasion πŸ™ Speaking of home, you should definitely visit some time! Anyhow, I hope that you had a fun last day of work (wooo packing!)… see you sometime next week!

    And as for you, Jasmine, I am shocked by how bold and audacious you are to even suggest that it would be a good adjective for me! You certainly know better!! Unless you’re doing this to annoy or tease me (as you so like to do), I surely hope that you were kidding πŸ™ I’m glad you found the story funny, though.

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