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When The “Easy Rider” Isn’t Enough

Posted on May 4th, 2005

I could have put any hugely gigantic food in the title, but a recent trip to Mel’s reminded me of this particular greasefest. Anyhow, I came across this article about a ginormous burger and I nearly keeled over. Gross. That’s all I have to say.

It was the first of many torturous days of class for me today. I had four of my five classes…

ECON 202: I had the professor before, so I knew that it was worthwhile to go to lecture. Even if it was at 8:30 in the friggen morning. I walk in, half asleep, and sit down. By the time 8:30 came around, I was thoroughly surrounded by Asians. Did I magically get transported to China as I was waivering between unconsciousness?! No, no… some non-Asian people remained. About 20 minutes into the class, I spot a cap that read “So Hip It Hurts.” I only knew of two souls that would wear that hat. Alas! John Stewart was enrolled in the class, too! Perhaps his farmboy whiteness will save me in classes to come.

CO 350: John might enroll in this class too. Ya know, in all of my years at UW, I never had a class with John. The closest that I’ve come is writing a Physics midterm beside him. Now that I’m on stream with him (for now), we might have two together! This particular class, Linear Optimization, sounds fairly straight forward. The prof has a noticeable accent, but seems very proficient and can communicate her knowledge fairly well. I think I’ll stick this one out.

After a three hour break, I venture into my next class:

CS 338: I settle in a relatively small classroom, but it was mostly empty. And then the invasion began. Swarms of them came and filled nearly every seat. Those pesky accountants. Fortunately, I spotted a couple of them who I knew. Yay more friends in classes! While I was elated at seeing them, I was very quick to descend from that euphoria when I heard the prof: “Akuhafioh4aikufhoief6hasduf.” This should be a very interesting class.

Another three hour break later and I hit my last class of the day:

BUS 121: Way over in Laurier it is. My one previous Laurier class was really good (see remark below) and this one is related to it, so I had some pretty high expectations. Too bad I slept for a good portion of it. Oops! The prof (a young blonde… so typical of Laurier) read slides all night. One thing that I did pick up was that she was not going to be testing anything from the textbook. Score!

Now speaking of school, I finally have all of my unofficial grades. Only one was worth mentioning: my BUS 111 class. I thought I did fairly well, but it turns out that I did a heck of a lot better than anticipated. Their alpha grading system (A+, A, etc. instead of numbers) is doing me some favours, too! The other courses were ok, especially considering the (little) time that I put into them. I was shy of my target for the term, but whatever. It’s just school. I had a wicked four months.

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