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Posted on July 12th, 2005

So I’m a little bored right now. Well, perhaps bored is not the word; Lazy is a little better. Quite randomly, I go to Google and type in “Justin Chan.” Lo and behold, there are a bajillion search results (I knew I should have picked a more unique name…), and here’s what I found:

1. I’m a chess player. (A darn good one, too, apparently)…
2. I’m also a tennis player.
3. I’m also a professor at Harvard.
4. I’m also an artist.
5. I’m also a director at a sleep and chest disorder centre.
6. I’m also an optometrist.
7. I’m also a lawyer.
8. I’m also “Young fit handsome Asain male offer excellent bodywork.” Huh?!
9. I’m also a composer.
10. I’m also a Bible study leader at Brown.

Some tidbits of information:

1. The first time I am actually represented is on the ninth page of the search results. And it just had to be St. Paul’s…
2. The first time my site is shown is on the fifteenth page. And it just had to be about St. Paul’s…
3. There are 42 pages of results (with some omitted).

Google your name today!

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