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Wild Day

Posted on August 22nd, 2005

Oh it’s such a relief to be home with nothing left to do for the rest of the day… it’s been so hectic and stressful and I’m glad that it’s about over.

Where to start! It started off with a phone call from Laura, who said that she couldn’t make it to the coffee house tonight (which meant that I was doing the announcements). Laura, if you’re reading this, I’m praying for you!

I then went over to the Embassy office to talk more website stuff (as that is my usual practice… the website has been completely owning me lately!) and that laid the tracks for the next few days.

Then Jessica, Rachel, Laura, and a couple of their friends (Jennifer and Janna, I think) came over and watched as Rachel cut my hair. She says that the next time she cuts it, after the back can grow out a little longer, it’ll be “perfect.” I look forward πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much πŸ˜€ Note to self: I owe Rachel!

Next was zipping over to Brandon’s to pick up a (sweet!) guitar to use for tonight’s coffee house. Sarah roped me into doing guitar for a couple of songs that she was going to sing with her sisters. As I am still without an acoustic, I had to borrow one and, boy, I picked a really nice one to borrow. I’m not looking forward to the day I have to return it πŸ™

We went to Sarah’s parents’ place and I met her sisters (although I definitely have met one of them before). Two songs became one song, and three sisters became two sisters. The song was Light In Your Eyes and, well, take it from me that I had never heard of it before. But I felt determined to stick it through and be a good sport. We rushed through the song haphazardly and sped our way to set up for the coffee house.

That, in itself, took a long time and things didn’t actually get underway until around 7:30pm. A bunch of people showed up just as Randy K. was about to kick things off. I couldn’t hear myself when I was playing, but I was told that there were no glaring mistakes. Next time, we’ll practice more and I’ll be a bit more confident πŸ™‚ Jasmine showed up with her brother, too! All in all, it was a good event, although I remarked that a number of people advanced their ulcers by putting it together. Props to all of those who helped orchestrate everything.

I just got back from eating (something I didn’t do at all today, save a bit of watermelon that the Michielsens brought over), and I’m ready to unwind for a bit.

Good night, world.

2 Responses to “Wild Day”

  1. laura k. Says:

    thanks so much bro! sounds like my already advanced ulcer would have had babies had i been there;) just kidding, but its nice to know youve got my back when i cant function. peace.

  2. Justin Says:

    Anytime, Laura πŸ™‚ That’s what I’m here for, right?

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