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Country Music

Posted on October 10th, 2005

I’m back from going to Ottawa for the long weekend and one of the latest things on my mind has to do with country music. I listened to quite a bit of it both on the way there and back and, well, I must say that I had been a bit unfair to it in the past. I used to completely dismiss it but here’s a couple of things for which I give it credit:

1. Generally wholesome lyrics. None of the “I hate the world” or “I want to kill my parents” or “I want to have sex with a billion girls” or “Look and see how rich I am” business.

2. Audible lyrics. While there are times where I like listening to really loud music and scream my face off, it’s also nice to know what people are saying/singing.

There’s something left to be said about the instrumental side of country music but, all in all, I think I’ve become a whole lot less intolerant towards it. (Shanna, Hannah, Sue, Patricia: I bet you can’t believe I just wrote that, huh? :P)

Anyhow, there’s much to do this evening so I’ll keep this one relatively short. I hope that all of you had a most excellent weekend!

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