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High & Dry

Posted on October 14th, 2005

Black Forest, St. Paul’s annual coffee house, is steadily approaching; it usually happens in the winter term and, for the past two years, I’ve done something for it.

Click here to read about Black Forest 2004.

Click here to read about Black Forest 2005.

If I am in Waterloo next term (and I completely want to be), I’m fairly certain that I’ll be trying to do something again. Rodney recently made a comment about it and, well, it sounds like a lot of fun!

The question is what to do for it. In terms of coffee hosues, I’ve done a few different kinds of things already: piano accompaniment, acoustic guitar accompaniment, lead electric guitar, solo acoustic guitar, and some variety of support and solo vocals interspersed in those.

So the scale of the performances have been fairly wide — everything from me going solo to duets to a six-person band. Each have its advantages: smaller numbers are easier to coordinate but larger numbers are more fun and memorable (if they work).

I’m at a bit of a loss in terms of where I’d like to go for the next Black Forest. A band is a lot of fun (and I know a guy that can hit some drums pretty well, which very nicely fills that role (which is probably one of the hardest to fill)).

But then the style of band/music is up in the air. It’d be nice to have a theme; last time was a bunch of random songs that we liked. Hmmmmmm… thoughts?

2 Responses to “High & Dry”

  1. Rodney Says:

    I don’t have a theme just yet – I’m still working on it. I have been thinking of songs to do, should we do some sort of Stale Brownies act again.

  2. Justin Says:

    Only if we practice for more than 2 hours 😛

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