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Posted on October 16th, 2005

I’m in Toronto right now and, despite being somewhat far away from Waterloo, I still haven’t escaped the grasp of homework! Currently, I have my economics textbook beside me and my actuarial science notes not too far away, either πŸ™

That said, I didn’t come to Toronto to do homework in a different location. It was mostly business as I had to sign a form for my income taxes (yay for hyperlaziness!) and stuff like that. I suppose it was also to make amends for not being here over Thanksgiving. So my dad, brother, and I went out for dinner tonight. We went to a good restaurant not too far away and, because the food took a little bit long to come out (although it wasn’t unbearable), we scored free desserts! Huzzah!

Another reason I came back was for my new sunglasses; I got a pair of prescription ones! For a while, I was completely desperate… I lost my old sunglasses and the sun was really getting on my nerves as I biked back and forth from school a kazillion times a week. Then Kat finds them between the cushions of the couch and the sun proceeded to hide behind clouds and rain. 😐 Even if it didn’t do that, I still think that I’m sick of those sunglasses.

First off, they’re clip-ons. No, they’re not the really terrible ones that don’t match the shape of the frames and come hanging out the bottom. But still, they’re pretty bad. They’re pretty heavy and deform easy. Plus, the tackyness factor is a bit too much for me. No mo’ clip-ons!

Secondly, they’re prone to loss. I reminded myself of this by misplacing them for a good week or so.

The new ones are really messing up my eyes though… the curved lenses have a different focal point than my traditional, normal glasses, so things seem a bit distorted. I’m told that in a few days, I will get used to it and that I’d be good to go from there. I clung to that as I gave myself a headache from wearing them today (as I wanted to adjust to them as soon as possible). So hopefully the sun will stay out so I can make some use out of these suckers!

Anyhow, my economics textbook is giving me some weird faces so I should probably attend to it… happy weekend, all!

2 Responses to “Shades”

  1. hann Says:

    bring the new sun glasses to embassy! I wanna see πŸ™‚

    …I’m posting in my blurty again.

  2. Justin Says:

    Heya Hannah,

    I’ll bring them if the sun’s out πŸ˜› There’s no sense to have them otherwise…

    Yeah I read your blog fairly regularly; it’s one of the ones that I read when I check other people’s journals.

    See ya tonight!

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