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Co-op Update

Posted on October 20th, 2005

Very briefly, for those who care:

– turned down the Chicago job. I don’t think that I would have enjoyed the work, despite being in Smashing Pumpkins city.

– job interview for Morgan Stanley on Monday (for a job in the Big Apple).

– new job interview for NVIDIA next week (for a job in California)! Somehow they found my e-mail address.. how very resourceful of them. I wonder if they’re reading this…? 😮

– four jobs in Waterloo still up in the air.

2 Responses to “Co-op Update”

  1. hann Says:

    saw you biking today…at columbia and westmount I suppose on your way home…around…10?
    wanted to say hi but we passed quickly.
    so “hi”

  2. Rodney Says:

    I have a feeling that one of my previous interviewers Googled for my journal back in 2A. Since then, I’ve been sure to be very careful about what I post and to whom it is visible.

    Good luck on the remaining interviews!

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