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In Love With Me

Posted on October 20th, 2005

iTunes played this song that Sarah wrote and recorded really hits home with me (and probably everyone else):

i’m in love with me
and in the way the world revolves
around everything i do
and wish to be true

i’m in love with me
and in the thought that i can solve
anyone’s problems

i try not to look at life so selfishly
but my reflection is so clear
sometimes it is all i see

i’m in love with me
and in the way i want to be seen
everywhere i go
i wish it wasn’t so

i’m in love with me
and in the way my trust leans
on what everybody thinks

in reality of full of insecurities
i pretend all these things are my personality
and i’m so scared of so many things
but what does this kind of love
really bring?

i’ll let go of this pride suicide
this self-indulgent love
is killing me inside
i’ll hold onto the treasures in this life:
who i truly am deep down inside
and the things that last after i die

i need a saviour to rescue me
an honest mirror to face my fears
a revelation to get through to me
a little grace, a bit more truth
and i’ll be seeing more of you

if i was in love with you
i’d be more concerned with who i am
and who i would become
and i’d really learn to love

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