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Posted on November 1st, 2005

One thing that I forgot to mention was that, after Chapel on Sunday, I went to Conrad Grebel to check out their practice rooms. Word on the street was that they had a grand piano, and I couldn’t pass that up! Rodney and I had some time to kill, so he showed me where the rooms were.

To my dismay, there was only a baby grand. I guess that’s what I get for having some pretty high expectations; I should have been elated just to see that since I’ve been condemned to playing on uprights ever since I stopped taking lessons. But, one thing that did disappoint (legitimately) was the weighting of the keys; the higher notes were considerably lighter and it was somewhat tough to compensate.

I bumbled my way through one song (Saint Saens’ The Swan) before I couldn’t take it anymore; the regret of stopping lessons really sank in and I was really disheartened by it. But, playing has rekindled my love for classical music… I went home and listened to some of the most beautiful pieces ever written, and classical has dominated my playlist since then.

This reminds me of when I was considerably younger: my parents enveloped me into classical music. From the sounds coming out of my dad’s stereo to the classical training for piano to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra concerts, I was completely immersed into that culture. In fact, it was the only music that I really knew.

I feel that I’ve lost touch with my appreciation of this genre. It truly is amazing to listen to it; the layers of instruments dance with each other as a piece goes on, bringing a trained ear to audio euphoria. Brilliant.

2 Responses to “Rediscovery”

  1. Tony Says:

    A friend of mine grew up exposed to nothing but classical music and was entirely ignorant of mainstream artists when when she was halfway through university. She’d never heard of U2!

  2. Rodney Says:

    I feel the same way – I really do miss playing the piano (and, more specifically, playing it well). I really need to get back into practising regularly if I want to perform something at Blackforest this year.

    I need to get some good recordings of a few “Classical” songs. Most of the ones I have are very mediocre.

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