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Super Long Day

Posted on November 8th, 2005

I meant to make a post last night, but bowling with the Embassy and preparing for this heinous day took longer than expected 🙁

I suppose that I shouldn’t be complaining; I have three interviews today, so the prospect of finding a job is particularly good. But, I have three interviews today, so I’m going to be destroyed by the time they are done.

Getting up at 6am was rough. Staying up was almost as bad, too! I already had one interview, and I think it went quite well. My next one is at 11:00am, and my third at 1:30pm. Then a test at 4:30. Oh my. Sometimes I wonder why I (pay to) do this to myself!

Anyhow, I better be off. Be back later today. (Have you noticed that I’ve become addicted to posting?! Ahh!!)

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