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An Addendum

Posted on November 15th, 2005

Kat’s busy cleaning.. well, everything. I feel awful because I’m here in my room studying for calculus (and taking a minute to write this post). She’s a fiend. But, as a person who appreciates cleanliness myself, I feel obliged to do my share of the duties around here. Yeah, I do my dishes and so on regularly, and I don’t mind doing other people’s dishes (so long as this doesn’t get abused).

Starting from today, though, I’m going to do more around here. I used to be really good about the washroom, kitchen, and the living room, and I am on a mission to be that good (or better) again. So this is another thing that I’m going to concentrate on doing. Your solitary cleaning days are numbered, Kat. 😛

PS Thanks for cleaning today, though, KFro!

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