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Hodgepodge Post

Posted on November 26th, 2005

1. Pre-job pay raise: So I went to campus on Thursday and I met with the prof who will be supervising me next term and explained to him that the salary he mentioned was far below the Co-op average. That said, I also expressed my understanding that, being involved with a research project, there are financial constraints. While the job isn’t about the money, being in school for a year straight has done considerable damage to my bank account and I would sleep better if I had a bit more breathing room. He was very considerate and agreed to bump up my salary a little bit. Whew!

2. Pre-job-related stress: Almost immediately after that agreement, he asked if I had a laptop. He explained that the computing resources were fairly slim and that he could not guarantee access to a computer at all times. Frig.

3. Record streak: It seems that I went on a bit of a tear over the past little bit, posting at least once a day for 16 days! I suspect that it wouldn’t have kept up, especially with finals around the corner… so I’m glad it has already ended.

4. Finals: Done on the 16th. And, thanks to an unrelenting amount of work throughout the term, I don’t foresee a great deal of cramming this time around. I think I’ve got a good handle on the concepts of all of my courses and it’s just a matter of making sure I remember all of them for the exam. Yay!

5. Stolen content: Kat pointed out that my new site design looks like my housemate’s. While not intentional at all, a visit to his site substantiates her claim. In my defence, lots of sites have graphic on top, content on left, and navigation on right. πŸ˜›

6. Keiths: Speaking of my housemate, I hung out with him, his girlfriend, and Keith on Friday. So that made for two Keith Alberts! (We remarked that I should change my name to Maria or Maria should change her name to Justin.) For the first time in my life, I sat down and played a game of Settlers. Keith (not housemate Keith) won, and I was tied for second. I don’t think that’s too bad considering it was my first time and I was picking up on strategies after I saw them enacted by the other players… Then we watched Star Wars III. Yeah, I know, we’re cool.

7. Embassy website: I’m getting tired of it already. While it does meet the requirements that were laid out back in August when I was designing and building it, those requirements have been changing throughout the course of the term. Accommodating these new requirements, however, isn’t particularly easy; in fact, it has made me want to redesign the site entirely from scratch again. I guess people aren’t too off the mark when they say that I’m a perfectionist and stubborn about it. lol πŸ™

8. Long lost friend: Jasmine came down from Ottawa and I was able to do lunch with her and a few others from the Embassy! It was so nice to see her again after she got sucked into the netherworld of married life.

9. Queue to exit: I’m hungry. πŸ™‚

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