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Posted on November 28th, 2005

Such a strange trait, this is. It can be both a virtue and a vice, depending on the situation. I’ll take perserverance for love as an example.

Perservering for this can easily turn into stubbornness (or downright obsession). If the reasons are wrong, or the match simply incompatible, things won’t happen (or, rather, they shouldn’t), and the agony of waiting for what will never come is so painful. In many ways, I am a stubborn person, myself, and I have tasted this bitter fruit many times.

Perservering for love can also be the most rewarding thing in the world. When patience pays off and things fall the right way, it all seems so worthwhile. It should be fairly apparent that I have yet to really experience this. At least, in the boy-girl kind of love.

The person-God kind of love is an entirely different beast. Christians believe that perserverance for this will always be rewarding. Whether the reward comes now or later stands to be beyond our control. But it’s so hard to remember this when there are so many distractions.

Tonight at Elevation (we had an evening service due to a booking conflict), Brandon spoke of this Christian journey and how it is long and difficult. We know that there will be trials along the way, and that we will face temptations to abandon it all and forsake God. I’m not perfect, and sometimes I give in or give up; the wind is strong against me and I’m not always strong enough to stand up to it. But I think (or hope) that for every step back, I manage to make more steps forward. Brandon challenged us to stick to our journey and to pay attention to the meaningful signs along the way. I really hope that I can do this.

Shortly after Elevation, I went to see “Walk The Line”, the movie about Johnny Cash. A lot of the movie focused on his perserverance for his eventual wife, June Carter. It was so endearing to see his commitment through his troubled times and through her marriages (and so much more). I really hope that I can find that, too. Well, maybe not so much the perservering through marriages and all that jazz; you get the point, I think.

Hm. I should just continue being patient, I guess.

One Response to “Perserverance”

  1. Backguy Says:

    I just got a TypeKey account and I thought that I would try it out. Nifty thing.

    It’s very hard to be patient when it comes to finding the perfect mate. There have been times when I was extremely patient, but more often than not it seems like I’m getting impatient and missing out on the good things that are happening in the present.

    Right now I’m trying to rely on God and use this opportunity to develop my relationship with Him. I suppose the key is to trust Jesus and just enjoy the freedom that comes with the single life. Easier said than done. 🙂

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