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Posted on December 9th, 2005

Back in the day (1996, to be more precise), The Smashing Pumpkins recorded a Christmas song. I remember hearing for the first time; I nearly died.

It’s so un-Pumpkinsy. First off, it’s in C major, which I associate with children’s songs. That may or may not be because of me playing those songs in the easiest key when I was little but.. anyways. Secondly, Billy’s voice is so.. happy. In fact, the entire song is all happy and fluffy. Very strange, I know.

Despite all of this, I have grown to like the song a fair bit; every Christmas, without fail, I will listen to it. I’m actually not sure if I like it because I think it’s a good song, or if it’s just because it’s a Pumpkins song. Meh.

Anyhow, around these parts, things are getting more festive: we have lights going around the living room, garland twisting down the banister, advent calendars on the wall (with Kat’s fiendishly placed right near the ceiling >:D), and enough food to make anyone sick. Heck, I’ve been turning on the icicle lights in my room more often, too!

Along with the festivities will come the inevitable task of thinking up presents. I’m not going to give many away this year, so those who receive anything should consider themselves particularly special. And I’ll apologize in advance for those of you who don’t get anything; I blame three consecutive school terms for annihilating my bank account.

As of this moment, I think the recipients will be limited to my immediate family, my housemates, and maybe a small handful of friends. If I happen upon something really cool that I could get someone, I will. And if any of you readers think that you are especially deserving of a present, feel free to comment with some sort of justification 😉

Edit: It turns out that the Pumpkins one of many big artists on the album that benefitted the Special Olympics.. neat.

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