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New Trend

Posted on December 22nd, 2005

Recently, I have been paying more attention to my wardrobe; I made a post a while ago about needing to add some more colour and whatnot. Since then, I have made some progress:

– a fairly blue Google t-shirt (thanks, Magic!)
– a very green Death Cab t-shirt (thanks, John!)
– a green plain sweater (thanks, nameless worker in India!)

Keep in mind that I don’t buy clothes often and this is a pretty good start. But I’m getting a feeling that there’s more than just colour that needs attention. A lot of my clothes are very casual: band t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, cargo pants, and so on. As I continue to get older (and wiser and blah blah blah), I think that my taste in clothing has evolved, as well.

More specifically, I think that I’ve been paying more attention to more classy clothes: nice sweaters, collared shirts, spiffy pants, etc. In fact, one of my most recent purchases was a black wool overcoat (or car coat, to be precise). It should serve to replace my sports jacket this winter for all non-sporting activities. What’s on the horizon? Maybe some nice jeans (which would be the first jeans that I have owned since… oh… grade 8 maybe?), or some khakis, or some dress shirts. Hopefully they won’t be black 🙂

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