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Posted on February 26th, 2006

Well, this is quite a milestone for my site: it has now reached its third birthday!!

With this post, the total count will be up to 319 (with 436 comments). Not bad, not bad.

Now, the intention was that I could commemorate the site’s third birthday with a new look. Already, I have grown tired of the current feel of the site and I am in the process of a redesign. Unfortunately, all of the pieces aren’t finished yet, so I don’t think that we’ll see the new face today. If all goes well, it should make its appearance sometime later this week.

But that all depends on how busy I become with Blackforest preparations. I’m going to be onstage three times, so there is a sizeable amount of work ahead. So, launch of V6 (vroom vroom!) may have to hold off until next week πŸ™

PS It was Jenna’s birthday recently, too! HBDJ!
PPS Think that the Blackforest site has a familiar kinda feel to it? Guess why! πŸ˜›

One Response to “V6”

  1. Backguy Says:

    Happy third birthday! And happy 437th comment, too! πŸ˜€

    You, me, and Patricia need to practise again soon.

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