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I Just Want To Sing A Song With You

Posted on May 11th, 2006

Well, well, well! Not surprisingly, my good friends Laura and Matthew got engaged! A bunch of us suspected that Matt would pop the question sometime during their trip in South America and he didn’t disappoint. Congratulations!!!

This makes two sets of friends getting engaged this week! Maybe it’s just the spring fever, or maybe it’s just that time in life where things start moving. Sure, it depends on the person and the culture around that person, but it seems like the low- to mid-twenties are a very happening age.

Regardless of why, though, I’ve been thinking about my present lot in life. I imagine that it has something to do with all of the commitments and hookups that have been swirling around me (and, yet, consistently missing me), but I’m sure that there’s more to it.

I think that I’m almost ready for something. For a while, I thought that I was but my emotions and actions told otherwise. There have been times when I had been very foolish and part of me is glad that nothing materialized then. That’s not to say that damage was not done, because people (including myself) got hurt. And that always sucks.

But, for now, I continue to have little-to-no expectations. I refuse to actively seek, preferring instead to let things happen on their own. I guess time is sorta on my side, as long as I’m willing to part with my childhood hope of settling down by the time I’m 25. And, given the way things are, I don’t think I have much of a choice.

Patience, Justin, patience.

One Response to “I Just Want To Sing A Song With You”

  1. Curtis Says:

    Never a need to rush!
    I had all of these types of feelings before meeting Laura. I came to a point where I was content with where I was. I desired a relationship but didn’t ‘actively seek’, rather just waited for something to happen. When I started hanging out with Laura and the possibility was there, I prayed about it. It was right.
    I’m glad you’re at this point Justin. It’s a good and mature place to be. Enjoy it!

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