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A Fresh Start

Posted on May 13th, 2006

After an unexpected battle with adware, I elected to reformat my desktop computer; it had been a long time coming, so I figured yesterday was as good of a time as any.

Except for the fact that I sent my Windows XP CD home. Good thing Keith had one handy! Except for the fact that I needed a CD key. Good thing the university gives those to students!

So the long, arduous task actually started this morning. I only managed to format yesterday since I got stuck at the license key prompt for a while. But, after many hours of reinstalling and reconfiguring, the beast of my computer is running exceptionally smoothly now! I guess it was worth the hassle.

Also, I hung out with Keith and Kat last night.. I *think* that that was the first time we hung out together outside of the basement apartment that we shared. And it was a little weird. Maybe it’s because we just ate dinner and watched tv or maybe it’s because there was someone else with us or maybe it’s because we were so used to just being housemates. Maybe we should find out by doing something again soon… like a barbeque! 😀

Something else that’s fresh is a book discussion that I’ll be hosting here… Dom’s leading one on The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey, and I’ve been hearing some good things about it! I’m really looking forward to Wednesday!

Anyhow, c’est tout pour maintenant. I lost my iTunes library during the reformat so I better get started on rebuilding that… and with like 60 gigs of media, it’ll take some time…

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