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Posted on June 23rd, 2006

Well, Mr. John Stewart has done it again. He’s got me hooked on another show. First was Arrested Development (which FOX has insultingly removed from its web page). Now, there is 24. (Aside: And knowing FOX’s track record with awesome shows, 24 will be cancelled within the next year.. those bums.)

If memory serves me right (woo Iron Chef!), this is the first drama that I have actually liked. Most of the shows I watch on TV are comedies (like Arrested Development, The Office, and Seinfeld), so I was very skeptical about 24. Bzzzt wrong! It’s like a crazy intense movie that goes on for a long time (which makes it more awesome). I’m only 6 episodes in and I can already foresee a great many hours spent catching up until Season 5!

While this is not what I need right now (with school and all), it’ll be an amazing way to spend some of my spare time. Although, watching 24 could seriously cut into my proposed gym time allocation……

One Response to “Hooked”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    24 is an amazing show! we have almost all of the seasons on dvd. are you only on season 1? it’s my least favourite season – they get much better after that. much much better!

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