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The End of Times

Posted on November 2nd, 2006

I was browsing my Google homepage and I came across this article, which made me really, really sad. And really, really worried. This report comes right on the heels of another report about global warming and how it will cost us on the order of $7 trillion unless things turn around in the next ten to fifteen years. (And it’s brutal to think that people have to associate a price tag to it before it becomes an important issue…)

It’s so stupid. I mean, it’s not like this comes as a surprise to any of us; we all know that global warming is a reality and we all know that was are pushing species to extinction at an unprecedented rate. Yet we, as a global society, cannot focus on a sufficiently long enough horizon to really address these issues. Sure, there is emphasis on planning for our retirement, but when was the last time we considered what the world would look like when we retire?

I, for one, always thought retirement would be similar to what it’s like for people today. But after some thought, it’s going to be a completely different world. A lot can happen in forty years and, at this rate, it looks like the majority of what will happen in the natural world will be bad. Our oxygen supply will be depleting, further accelerating the rate of global warming. Sea levels will rise so that cities will begin to drown. Oil will be so expensive that the cost of living will be significantly higher. The human population will probably exceed ten billion people, which can only mean the faster consumption of our limited resources. And who knows what animals will be regulated to history books and museums.

The world can be a very scary place forty years from now. And we know it’s coming. And I’m pissed off at me and I’m pissed off at everyone else for being a slave to capitalism.

I feel so helpless.

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  1. Matthew Davidson Says:

    Hey J chan… hope you are having a good time in NYC…
    I don’t know if you know this or not… but whenever I open your page with mozilla I get an “Error 404 – Not Found”

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