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All Over Sore

Posted on November 20th, 2006

This morning was the Race to Deliver by God’s Love We Deliver (see post below). It was a 4-mile run, and it was also my first since my days in high school; in fact, it has been around six years since I last ran. Prior to this morning, I have done zero running outside in.. years, and I had very low hopes for myself. Despite doing cardio in the gym on a regular basis, I have not done any impact cardio workouts, and road races are a whole different beast compared to the bike and the elliptical!

I got to the site really early and had a chance to meet a couple of fellow employees. It was a cold morning and I wished that I brought some gloves. The hours slowly marched by and the time finally came to go to the start/finish line. I was very weary of avoiding a slow group, so I started somewhere around the middle of the pack (because I’m not dumb enough to think that I can keep up with the people at the front). The first mile was death. It was uphill and there was a large crowd wherever I ran. I saw the clock at the 1-mile marker and read 11 minutes and change.

Dang! I suck! So much for that 8-minute mile. Oh well. I keep on going and going and going. At times I thought about stopping to walk but I knew that I wouldn’t forgive myself after the race if I did. And I really wouldn’t have. The last part of the race was downhill, which was really nice. So I somehow find it in myself to go into overdrive and pick up the pace for the last mile. I cross the finish line at 35:37. That’s slightly better than 9 minutes a mile. Not bad, not bad.

When I get back, another co-op in town (who also ran the race) informed me that the time that I told her was not my net time… it was my race time! I figured that they would have taken the time it took for me to cross the start line into consideration, but I guess they didn’t. It turns out that my net time was a lot closer to the 8-minute mile goal that I had; I averaged 8:05 per mile and I can sleep well (and sorely) at night about that!!

So while this discovery has made me feel better about myself, it made me almost more disappointed because I was SOO close to my goal. I only needed to go a teeny tiny bit faster and I would have met it. Ugh. It sucks how a better time results in disappointment.  It does, however, shine a light on the potential of improving my performance. So, we shall see about training for future races.

For now, though, my head is pounding and I have MSN conversations to which I should attend, so bon nuit to you!

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