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I Heart Naps

Posted on January 17th, 2007

For the past couple of days, I have been delighted by two wonderful naps. They’re kind of a guilty pleasure of mine, as I often feel like a bum every time I take one; but, whenever I peacefully wake up from one (read: not being woken up by anything else), I feel so right about it.

There mere fact that I am taking naps, though, would suggest that I am not sleeping enough at night. Which is true. I’ve gotten into a rather unfortunate habit of going to bed at around 1 or 2 while I have morning classes every day. I’d change this, but everything happens at night and it’s just too boring to go to bed at 10 or 11 every night. This is especially difficult with night class, which forces me to watch my favourite shows (24, The Office) on a time-shifted channel. This also especially true when all the fun stuff happens at night. Like Bomber. Tonight. (Read: Bomber tonight!)

So, for those of you who feel guilty about having naps, I say nuts to that!! Indulge away!

One Response to “I Heart Naps”

  1. jess Says:

    Naps are one of the best refreshers anyone can take if they’re not feeling 100%. I will admit that I indulge in this guilty pleasure more frequently as the workload here in York has been, in my opinion, much heavier than when I was at Waterloo. Perhaps it is the fault of the program.

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