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Posted on April 22nd, 2007

Today was totally sweet. Other than the fact that I am not asleep (despite lying down in bed for a while), today was a red-letter day. One of the reasons is that the track listing for Zeitgeist came out:

01. Doomsday Clock
02. 7 Shades Of Black
03. Orchid
04. That’s The Way
05. Tarantula
06. Starz
07. United States
08. Never Lost
09. Bring The Light
10. Come On (Let’s Go)
11. For God And Country
12. Pomp And Circumstance

I am very excited about the new Pumpkins album (and, on a somewhat related note, another reason why today was awesome was because the music at the Guelph Grotto today involved a number of SP songs!) and I am very excited to see them live again!! While some of the song titles are not particularly engaging (“Starz” and “United States”, in particular), “Doomsday Clock” and “Pomp and Circumstance” have really intrigued me. I don’t know why… they just did.

It is somewhat hard to believe that I am still as interested and addicted to the Pumpkins as I am; after all, I have been listening to them for around fifteen years now and that’s plenty of time to get tired of something. Although, I do remember a period after ’98 when I was somewhat disillusioned by them; Adore was not initially received well and it was not until my university days that I have grown to absolutely love it.

Many fans dropped off after that album and, undoubtably, many will be disappointed by the new one. Some will question why Billy Corgan is doing this (Is it the money? Boredom? The sincere desire to write music for a new generation? Relive the glory days?), and some will dismiss it because the album won’t have the majority of the original members. For me, though, I have this blind optimism about the record. I will certainly buy it the day that it comes out and I will almost certainly love it. (There’s that blind optimism.) 7/7/07, baby.

And now that I mention it, I wish that I had more of the blind optimism for other things. Like school. Or faith. Or maybe that would be a bit too naïve for me…

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