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In Cahoots

Posted on March 6th, 2008

Dentists and orthodontists are in cahoots. Clearly. Here’s why:

I got braces when I was in Grade 7, and everything was all well and good until two years ago. Years after the braces came off, my dentist informed me that the gums for my lower canines were starting to recede! She explained that this is often caused by orthodontics; the canines are used as anchors to pull the other teeth into line. So after 2 years of braces (and $2000 or so), she recommended that I undergo gum surgery to prevent any sort of future problems that may be caused by the recession.

While I certainly understand that spending a few weeks of my life in discomfort in order to avoid potentially years of problems is a good trade-off, the benefits are a little difficult to appreciate right now. The procedure was around $1000 and my gums are quite sensitive (and I’m told that they will be for a while). So I won’t be able to enjoy many of the delicious foods that I would like to eat! Woe is me!

And there you have my whiny account of why I had gum surgery. (I’m really not upset at my orthodontist or my dentists… they have done a great job with my teeth!)

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