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Posted on July 25th, 2008

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an iPhone, but further research into the matter has proved rather unfortunate. There are a lot of things that are missing on the iPhone that is deterring me from switching from my BlackBerry (and Verizon). Even though it costs less than an equivalently-sized iPod touch (which I was thinking of getting to replace my aging iPod), here are some of the issues that I have with iPhone 2.0:

  • No over-the-air synchronization between Google contacts and iPhone contacts
  • No over-the-air synchronization between Google calendar and iPhone calendar
  • No standalone Jabber IM client (which would support Google Talk)
  • No open SDK
  • No enterprise Bloomberg application
  • Poor implementation of Google Maps (the BlackBerry version is much faster to navigate)

Granted, the BlackBerry lacks some of these (like the over-the-air sync of contacts), but it is pretty good in most other respects. It does lack a camera and, more importantly, the media player is rubbish. I won’t even get started on the pitiful storage capacity. While I am content on patiently waiting for some of the aforementioned issues to be resolved, I am actually not confident that all of them will be fixed. From what I can tell, Apple has no intention of releasing a useful version of their SDK that would allow developers to use lower level resources. That, in itself, really stifles the growth potential of the application base.

Will Android be my answer?

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