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The Truth About Boys And Girls (Google Talk Edition)

Posted on August 21st, 2008

Erin: nah I have girl feet
they always smell like roses

me: lol
I see
And what do boy feet smell like?

Erin: rendering day at the pork factory

me: omg

Erin: …ya I work around the corner from a maple leaf pork rendering factory
man does it reek out there today

me: I have to post this somewhere so I remember this

Erin: post what?
what are you posting?

me: Part of the transcript of this chat

Erin: oh that’s no goo

me: Why

Erin: you already keep quotes from Keith…now you’re posting our chats 🙂

me: Yeah so?

Erin: I think you may have a quote obsession

me: The whole world ought to know how little you think of boy feet

Erin: lol

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