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A Cause to Celebrate

Posted on January 25th, 2009

1. Happy (belated) birthday to the Apple Macintosh; this icon of computing turned 25 yesterday and I can finally say that I am a happy owner of one! Apparently it was almost called Bicycle?

2. Happy year of the ox! Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, something that I only used to celebrate by accepting red packets with money in them and eating delicious food. This year, however, I read up on some of the customs and superstitions surrounding the holiday and actually somewhat participated in it 🙂 It turns out that this is one of the most demanding holidays that I have ever celebrated. According to the wiki entry, I am to clean the apartment thoroughly (which I did somewhat resentfully; most of the mess wasn’t mine to clean), leave lights on overnight (sorry, environmentalists), eat sweets (sorry, body), open doors and windows (kind of unavoidable, don’t you think?), wear red (umm okay), and wear something new (woop I like new things!). And this is only a subset of the things that I should be doing. There’s also a ton of things that I should be avoiding too. Thank goodness holidays in Canada aren’t this crazy!

3. It’s Australia day tomorrow. Apparently they want to commemorate the day that British colonialism started to pillage/exploit/kill the aboriginals. They’ll cheers to anything down there, those crazy Australians!

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