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Of Leaves

Posted on November 8th, 2009

It’s fall here in New York City and some of the best pictures to had are happening all around us; leaves are changing colours and they are giving the last part of their lives to litter our streets with their beauty. I remember when I was a kid, I would love the smell of dry leaves as I walked through fields on the way to and from school. While I can’t exactly do that anymore here, I still get a mild satisfaction in hearing the crunch beneath my feet as I walk.

Speaking of leaves, who knows where “turning over a new leaf” came from? When I think about it, it doesn’t really make sense; when you turn over a new leaf, you get the other side of the leaf. You still had the leaf before, so it’s not like it’s something entirely novel. Also, depending on the leaf, the other side may very well look like the side that was visible. Combining these, turning over a new leaf isn’t really that big of a deal, is it?

Anyhow, I digress. There are a couple of “leaf-turning” events that I am particularly interested in noting:

1. First, I went back to and old leaf of mine. A few months ago, I was going to the gym really regularly and I was showing some pretty good results. Then, I went to the UK and my membership to the gym expired while I was there. When I got back, I kept on finding too many reasons to not go, so the end result is that I just stopped altogether. (The secondary result is me getting out of shape in a hurry.) To prevent this from happening again, I joined a better gym with more locations and a higher price tag. That means that it is more accessible and, if I don’t go, it becomes a more expensive loss to me. (Nothing like a little guilt to motivate me, right?) I am really happy with the experience so far (except for the realization of how far I have actually fallen since June), so let’s hope that it keeps up!

2. Second, and perhaps more exciting, is that I have signed the lease to my very own apartment!! That’s right — I’m finally growing up and getting my own place. It’s on the Upper East Side (where an increasingly large part of my life is currently centred) in a doorman elevator building. The unit is newly renovated and the kicker is that the kitchen features brand-new, full-sized stainless steel appliances and plenty of gorgeous granite countertops. At long long LONG last, I can feel comfortable cooking again! Granted, this won’t hold a candle to the Viking range, dual-oven equipped kitchen that I was so blessed to have back in 2007 but this is going to me MY kitchen! I actually haven’t heard confirmation that my application was approved, but the leasing office said that everything looked good on paper and they just needed to ensure that everything I wrote down was the truth. So I am reasonably certain that by the middle of this week, I will be the tenant of my very own one-bedroom apartment! (As an aside, I am loathing the thought of how expensive furnishing the place is going to be. Ugh.) Plenty of good times will be had; you have my word on it! Pictures to follow (once I get approved). 🙂

Update: It seems that turning over a new leaf means turning over a leaf of paper, yielding a blank page. Makes sense.

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