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Houses Into Homes: Haiti 2013


In January 2013, I will be headed to Haiti with a team of volunteers to serve in what has recently become the poorest country in the world. I have written before about how fortunate I am (and, indeed, how we all are) and, despite a passion for social justice, I find myself effecting change largely when it is convenient or easy. While I offer up my time and resources here in New York, I feel that I am not directing much attention to those in desperate need.

There is much talk about 1% vs. the 99% here in the United States and about how disproportionate the wealth distribution seems to be. But let’s not forget that there is a big world out there and, on a global scale, the vast majority of households fall within the top 10%. Getting into the top 1% globally takes around $34000 of income per year. Even those at the poverty line in America fare relatively well at the global level. So we are all incredibly fortunate. The mere fact that you’re reading this on my site means that you’re probably doing okay, which is better than what many in Haiti could say.

This, however, isn’t meant to be a guilt trip. Instead, it should be seen as an opportunity to make a tangible difference in a lot of people’s lives (including mine at the very, very least). In a country ravaged by natural disasters and economic dysfunction, what we take as a small gesture of kindness or generosity will have a significantly greater impact and value. Read on for details on our trip.

The Trip

From January 1 to January 10, a group of volunteers (16 and counting!) will head down to Saint-Louis-du-Nord with the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. The northwest is the poorest region of the country, and we will be bringing relief and redemption in the following primary ways:

  • Constructing and furnishing of two homes for families in need
  • Distributing of TOMS shoes to thousands of children
  • Creating and framing family portraits

Through this trip, we hope to make a huge difference while we are there and to bring awareness back to Haiti; it has been years since the tragic earthquake but the country’s needs are still very real.

Support Me

As of November 26, I am FULLY FUNDED!!!! Thank you all so so so much for your incredible generosity. Many of the volunteers on the trip are still short of their targets, so I am still accepting contributions which will, in turn, be directed to them to get as many on the trip as possible. Thank you all again; I am truly humbled by your show of support!

The cost of the trip is approximately $2000, which covers airfare, room, and board for a volunteer. While I am trying to secure a matching donation from my employer, I have yet to get a commitment. Despite that, I will be matching every dollar donated up to and including the full cost of the trip. (Excess funds will be allocated to other volunteers or to the mission itself.)

Progress: $2000+ / $2000 (last updated November 26)

To donate, you can contribute directly to me (via PayPal) and the equivalent amount will be forwarded to NWHCM.

To donate to the mission directly, please visit the travel payment page of NWHCM. (They are a 501(c)(3) organization so this will qualify a charitable donation for tax purposes in the United States.) Please ensure that it is for the Missions Trips section and to put my name (Justin Chan) and the group leader’s name (John Black) in the notes section. (This is distinct and separate from supporting John Black!) Thank you very, very much for your financial support.

Even if you elect to pass on a financial donation, I would certainly appreciate other forms of support: thoughts, prayers, and sharing this page to those around you would be a huge help. If you have any questions, comments, of queries, please feel free to email me or use this form to contact me!

Thank you all for your time and consideration.

– Justin

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