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Posted on August 10th, 2013

When I ask my friends about fall travel plans, they typically cite pretty enviable destinations; Napa Valley in California, various places in Europe, or the Caribbean often get named. Me? Charlotte. And Bentonville. And you know what? I’m really excited to go there.

Yes, neither of those places are going to be the glamourous once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip that a wine-tasting tour of California or culinary adventure through Asia may offer. But sometimes trips are more about the people along for the ride and just getting out of the grooves of normalcy. Besides, I can’t lose sight of the fact that I’m very fortunate to be able to travel at all, so any trip should not be taken for granted.

Dear Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Austin, Seattle, Halifax, Boston, Lexington, Denver, Jackson Hole, Wellington, Melbourne, Patagonia, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Paris, Nice, Monaco, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Tuscany, Oslo, and Cape Town: you’ll hopefully get your turn soon.

Edit: Also, I am counting on being back in Haiti in January 2014!

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