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Blue Day

Posted on March 9th, 2003

OK. The day finally arrived when Kristin and Crystal were going to dye my hair blue. I go out, get 40 volume peroxide, and the powder hair bleach. 6pm rolls around, I knock in their door, and they’re all ready. We decide that we should do it in my room, so I put on a crappy t-shirt and we figure out what we should do. The powder is put into the bowl. The 40 volume peroxide is put into the bowl. Mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix. Scoooooop… PLOP! Honestly, that stuff feels like someone blew their nose on your head. Anyhow, Crystal mushes it all around and applies it fairly evenly except for behind my ears and at the front (but she would correct the front later). And then, the burning begins. It’s like having needles poking at all points on your head, and on the ears where that goop accidentally fell. The mixture was blue, and I had doubts about it turning my hair into anything else except black. I sit and wait. Something like 45 minutes pass, while I was getting lots of attention from passer-byers. Lo and behold, there were parts of my head where I was blonde. Yes, BLONDE. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! Hopes inflated since this is closer than I’ve ever gotten! I rinse that poop out, look in the mirror, and it looks like my hair is a fire: really bright at the roots, and gently fading towards the tips. All good so far. We get the dye mixed with 10 volume peroxide. Mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix. Scoooop… PLOP! Again, someone blew their nose in my hair. Except these boogers really smelled. Almost immediately, the hair turns darker. I was getting quite excited. It still burned a bit, but not nearly as much as it did with the bleach (obviously). The waiting begins. Another 45 minutes of gunk plopping out of my hair. Kristin, Crystal, and I look at each other. Nods are exchanged. I run to the shower, and I notice a whole lot of purple water dripping from my head. I’m slightly worried, but I can deal with purple. I begin using the special shampoo/conditioner Crystal let me use. The shampoo was originally clear, but the foam was blue! Eureka!! I’m really excited. I finish up, step out, look in the mirror, and let it all out: “DAMMIT!!!” Is my head noticeably different? Yes. In what ways, you ask? Let’s list them:

1. My ears are blue.
2. Skin around my hairline is blue.
3. My scalp is noticeably red. Poor scalp.
4. My hair isn’t blonde/orangey anymore.

But, the most important question is this: is my hair blue? To that, I answer a sad “no.” Alas, my hair is not blue. In fact, it is not so different to how it was before the whole dyeing procedure. Perhaps a little closer to my natural hair colour. Am I confused? Oh yes. VERY confused. Am I discouraged? Absolutely! Ugh… Not blue day, no… just bad hair day. 🙁

One Response to “Blue Day”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Oh Dear….
    So sorry about the hair! If it means anything, Crystal and I had a ball doing it; and laughing at the expressions on your face. I must say that your blue ears were my favourite part, including when you thought your ear was going to fall off. But you still have all body parts in the right places, just not the hair colour you were anticipating. I still think you should have left it blonde/orange/yellow. And yes, I will agree with your statement that it looked like your head was on fire!


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