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Shock and Awe

Posted on March 22nd, 2003

That’s what the US called it: their “Shock and awe” strategy. To see the horror for yourselves, click here. It reminds me quite vividly of the bombing in Kosovo when Milosovich was apparently causing trouble there. But what happened a few hours ago was much worse. Things have gone horribly wrong in the world when nations are allowed to do this to a capital city without any repercussions. It is unbelievable that the US was allowed to waltz in there and wreak the havoc like they have done.

I have said this to so many others, but I will reiterate once more: this war is wrong on so many levels. First, it is illegal. By international conventions, there was no ground for a just war in this situation. Second, the motives behind this war are more economical than humanitarian. The US propaganda machine (basically, the international media) puts the blame squarely on Saddam’s shoulders, and that it is all his fault that the war has started. Granted, he is not completely innocent; I’m sure he has done a lot of evil things. And sure, his decision to stay in his country, in disobedience to the US ultimatum, “triggerred” the war. But there are people much worse than Saddam. People who have unspeakable power to destroy and who are not afraid to use it. People like George Bush. There is so much to say against this man, if I can even call him that, I don’t know where to begin. Plain and simple, he’s a puppet. If you ever watched him deviate from his scripts, it’s very easy to tell that his English class went in one ear and straight out the other. Then there’s him choking on a pretzel. Then there’s him looking through binoculars with the lens cap on. Now, how can such a stupid person have the capacity to do something like this? I blame his Cabinet, his advisors, and his father. I’m quite confident when I say that George W. Bush is being manipulated by the military and by his father. He is fighting his father’s war. He’s out to finish what his father started. He is being more of a tyrant than Saddam. Under his reign, he has completely disintegrated America’s reputation in the international community, and domestically. He is an embarrassment to people around the world, including in his own country. I bet Osama’s getting a good laugh out of this because he got everything he wanted: the American economy is in shambles, and America’s credibility has gone down the poohole. Now, I’m not going to say that Osama is scot-free either, because he is definitely a man with a lot of crap on his hands. But I can’t help but feel sorry for Americans right now.

Bless those Americans who know that this war is wrong and oppose it.
Bless those soldiers who are out there fighting a war only because they are under orders to do so.
Bless the innocent who are in harm’s way.
Bless the world leaders who will shun the “Coalition of the Willing” for bringing about such an atrocity in our beautiful world.

I know in my heart that this war is very wrong. Pray with me that those are are waging this was will realize their folly and seek a peaceful means. Pray with me that it will end soon with as little destruction of God’s creations. Pray with me. Pray.

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