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A Reflection

Posted on April 1st, 2003

No matter how much people may think to understand life, they are often so far from the truth that they mightaswell have said mythological dragons are real. I don’t know where people, including me, get the preconception that they can control life and know everything about it. Very truly, there is so much that can never be forseen, so much that can be overlooked, so much that can be misjudged. Yet we need this uncertainty to keep on living. In “Muzzle”, Billy Corgan sings: “And the world, so hard to understand; Is the world, we cannot live without.” For a while, I thought that I knew how the rest of the term would unfold: I expected long, painful assignments; I expected nights with little sleep; I expected gruelling classes; I expected to live in relative solitude and sadness. Granted, many of my expectations were realized, much to my discontent. The most important of them, however, never came to be. Instead of living alone and down, I am arguably more happy now than I have ever been. I can honestly say that my life has taken a 180 degree turn in many respects. So then I think to myself, what changed? How, in a matter of a month, could everything turn upside-down? The answer, not surprisingly, is very simple: through God, anything… ANYTHING… is possible. I blame the ignorance of this fundamental principle for the delusions of our secular society. Without a true understanding and love for God, our once beautiful world has been corrupted, nearly to a point beyond salvation. Through him, wrongs have been made right again, great hope has re-entered my life, and I have been given a reason to live. Tonight, so many of my worries and insecurities have been dispelled. While, most definitely, some persist, they are not nearly as potent nor troublesome as the others; I feel as though I have been given a fresh start on life. God has used those around me as a mirror to shine back in my life and, for that, I am so grateful.

Alas, I am getting quite tired, so I will part with one final thought: Seek Love, Truth, and Beauty; through them, all other good can be attained.

God bless.

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