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Day 6: Life is a Temporary Assignment

Posted on April 29th, 2004

Oi these things are getting later and later… you can blame the Avalanche hockey game going into overtime for this!! Or blame me, for watching that instead of reading and reflecting.. or working on my work term report ;(

Anyhow, this topic was touched upon in previous chapters. It basically focuses on how our stay on earth is preperation for an eternal life, and how we should make the most of what little time we have here. To be honest, if everyone realized how much there is to gain for an eternity.. if everyone could scale that first nanometer in a race (see previous post if you’re confused) to our life compared to eternity, this world would be such a better place.

While I believe that where we spend eternity depends on what we do here, I don’t remember this all the time; I always need to remind myself… I always need to keep telling myself this before I do something stupid.. I need to tell myself that fighting off temptation will merit greater rewards. It’s so hard to put faith into the intangible, but that is what Christ calls us to do. I really hope that I have answered that call.

Question to Consider: How should the fact that life on earth is just a temporary assignment change the way I am living right now?

Hmm. Theoretically, I should forsake all of my worldly possessions and do something else with my life. Practically, however, that’s almost impossible; the world just doesn’t cater to something like that. The key for me, right now, is to not overindulge, and to let go of what I can. I need to give up the joys of this world for the sake of the heavenly joys to come.

God, help me remember that it’s not about me, and that it’s not about the world around me. My life will expire, but that is when I hope that I will be borne into a life with You. Guide me so that I always fix my eyes to that, and help me keep my attention on You. Give me the strength and grace that I need to overcome Satan and his clverness, so that I can let go of what is temporal and work towards salvation through Christ Jesus. Amen.

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