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Thiefed from kat, who thiefed from Sarah, who thiefed from people I don’t know…

Posted on May 22nd, 2004

current clothing: cargo pants, t-shirt
current mood: burned out… doing assignments all day long
current taste: seasoned peanuts
current hair: up
current annoyance: assignments!!!
current smell: my deodorant
current thing you ought to be doing: hanging out with friends
current jewelry: watch.. do glasses count?
current book: Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition *shudder*
current refreshment: water
current worry: getting this, and two other assignments done
current crush: the PAC (phys. activity complex)
current favorite celebrity: not sure
current longing: for a stroke of genius
current music: broken social scene
current wish: to be anywhere but here
current lyric in your head: none
current undergarments: joe boxers
current regret: not doing enough work earlier in the week
current desktop picture: glacial inferno
current plans for tonight/weekend: get work done
current cuss word du jour: no swearing for me!
current disappointment: not having fun with friends
current amusement: sleeping
current IM/person you’re talking to: jenna
current love: God, my schedule
current obsession: getting buff
current avoidance: this assignment, since i’m doing this ;(
current thing or things on your wall: posters galore, some Go7 paintings…
current favorite book: none
current favorite movie: none
current favorite song: none

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